Speaking Testimonials

“I walked away from this retreat renewed and changed. I have a vision for what God is doing in this world and the part he wants me to play like never before. I am changed inside and see the change I want to help effect this world.”

“I absolutely loved listening to Andrea — I could listen to her ALL day!”

“God is using you in a mighty way! Christ-inspired!”

“We all feel like we have sat at the feet of Jesus.”

“I couldn’t stop taking notes! 8 pages of them! Andrea delivered a message so full of scripture, research to back up her statements, and tied it together with great insight and wisdom for those God created. Amazing! What could be better than discovering God’s purpose for our lives?! Andrea gave us very clear handles of how to do that. I’m thanking God for her big time! I’ve already begun to share what I wrote with people as she said we should. Making that vision become a reality. So exciting!”

“I was completely blown away by your presentation. It just hit me right and so deeply. Thank you for sharing your personal techniques, and the cases that support your therapy. I could hear what you have to say at least five more times!!”

“Andrea did a great job. I feel very aligned with her orientation and I hope she will speak again next year. Loved how you incorporated a case example in each topic area.”

“I told a friend she should change counselors.”

“Your message was filled with hope and at the same time incredibly logical & practical; ready to be used and implemented to daily living.”

“I can say that for most of us you were an ‘oasis in the desert’.”

“I was very inspired by your presentation; really enjoyed every second. You have a genuinely caring nature and professionalism. God directed me to you.”

“The Lord had you speak each and every word for my benefit and mine alone.”

“I appreciate being introduced to a new way of looking at “diagnosing” the “presenting problem” and then treating it.”

“Do a full day workshop on this!”

“This was wonderful! Andrea has been my favorite speaker so far.”

Andrea has uniquely merged her academic and professional expertise with an engaging public speaking and teaching talent. Her ability to impeccably integrate the complexities of clinical psychotherapy and Christian spirituality provides her audience with an informative and rewarding experience. Andrea has spoken at churches, non-profit organizations, retreats, and state and national conferences.

She is a speaker marked by personal authenticity and vulnerability as she incorporates her own story into her teachings.

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