Specialized Services

Healing happens through relationship:
The wounds that occurred in relationship must be healed in a relationship

Andrea believes therapy is not merely a conversation; it is a relationship between two people. Therapy is not something that happens to us, it is something that happens through us. Andrea comes alongside you to cultivate authentic connection and co-create lasting change.

Areas of expertise:

Breakthrough Therapy Intensive

Andrea offers intensives dedicated to allow clients longer sessions to dive deeper into their current stuck points and difficulties. Intensive sessions will last for 2 hours, with breaks for self care as needed. Half-day and two day intensives are also available. Breakthrough Therapy Intensives provide well-grounded, focused care to help you gain immediate results in a short-term period leading to lasting transformation.


Andrea Anderson LPC

Take the first step toward healing, hope, and change!

Professional Mental Health Counseling

A faith-based approach to helping women successfully overcome relational, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

Clinical Areas of Expertise
  • Perfectionism
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship difficulties
  • People-pleasing tendencies
  • Intimacy issues
  • Faith-related struggles
  • Emotional & religious abuse
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Sleep disturbance & insomnia
  • Divorce
  • Unexplained medical symptoms
  • Life transitions
  • Complicated grief due to prolonged season of singleness
  • Sexual abuse
  • Career counseling
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Grief & loss
  • Finding purpose
  • Panic attacks
  • Low self-esteem & feelings of emptiness

Supervision and Consultation

  • I am registered as an approved supervisor by the Virginia Board of Counseling to provide supervision to post-graduate Residents in counseling working towards professional licensure.
  • Consultation to therapists looking to start a private practice.
  • Professional consultation and education workshops for clients and clinicians

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For Ministry Leaders and Pastors

As leaders we can only take people as far as we are willing to go ourselves. Making the choice to prioritize our own mental health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual growth is essential for purposeful and impactful Kingdom work.

Burnout and compassion fatigue is an epidemic in our churches and communities. Pastors and ministers leaders often feel overwhelmed, overworked, and weary due to carrying the burdens of so many under their care.

I provide a safe, compassionate, and confidential place where you experience permission to fully be yourself and begin to heal. Whether it be freedom from destructive behaviors that have held you captive and in shame –  or you have lost your original passion, joy, and endurance for your God-given calling, I am here to help.

Additional services:

  • Working with the individuals and couples that you refer for professional counseling
  • Conducting on-site workshops, training, classes, or seminars to your pastors and leadership staff
  • Expanding your pre-marital ministry programs by referring engaged couples to Andrea for collaboration and deeper assessment

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Christian-Based Counseling

Christian-based, Biblical counseling is available for those who desire to incorporate their faith, Scripture, and relationship with Christ into the therapeutic process.

  • Deepen your intimacy with God
  • Learn how to hear God’s voice
  • Heal from spiritual abuse and church maltreatment
  • Develop a strong faith and confidence in God’s promises
  • Understand spiritual warfare
  • Experience a meaningful relationship with God that goes beyond intellectual knowledge
  • Participate in inner healing prayer sessions for traumatic memories
  • Know God’s unique plan and purpose for your life

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