Do You Need a Breakthrough?

Therapy Intensives are designed for individuals needing a focused and direct approach to healing in a short term period. The goal of the Intensives is to provide you with freedom that you are unable to obtain despite your best efforts and/or the counsel you have received.

Andrea specializes in helping people experience breakthrough. She is an expert in taking an active, direct approach in a short time to help people resolve longstanding issues, when other therapists have failed, or multiple therapy sessions have proven ineffective.

Therapy Intensive appointments can help if you…

  • Feel stuck and are unable to move forward in a specific area.
  • Have an intensive piece of therapy work to do and need an extended focused approach.
  • Are in mature recovery but need to touch base and dig deeper periodically to continue your growth.
  • Need a fresh perspective and renewed motivation around work you have been doing.

Therapy Intensive appoiontments can help you get unstuck and move forward, give you a fresh perspective and approach around an issue you are strugging with, help you continue to dig deeper in your ongoing counseling journey, or give you a focused intensive space to immerse yourself into vital work that you need to do and critical decisions that you need to make.

By the end of your Therapy Intensives, you will experience the breakthrough you have been needing and specific direction to take back into your own community of care, counsel, and support to walk out successfully.

How the Intensive is Structured

Appointments are scheduled for 2-hours. If you are already working with a therapist, Andrea will collaborate with them about the work you do with her. She will also provide you with referrals at the closure of your Intensive to continue your journey of healing.

Do I Qualify for Therapy Intensives?

Intensives are ideal for individuals who are mature in their journey of personal growth and development due to work they have done in some form of counseling.

Intensives are NOT ideal for those who are currently in a crisis, experiencing trauma symptoms, or overwhelming emotions. Or, if you have a history of abuse and are currently dealing with that abuse and experiencing significant emotional disruption as a result. If this is you, it may not feel like it today, but you will eventually get to the place where this Intensive will be right for you. It is recommended that seek regular, on-going therapy by a professional counselor. The Intensives would be incredibly beneficial a little farther down the road.

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