Winter Wonder

The holiday season has come to a close and the Christmas decorations are put away; the house seems bare which has a somberness that pleases me. There is beauty in barren winter with its return to a simpler existence, relief in the absence of clutter, and a tranquility and quiet order that convenes on this brisk January evening. This satisfies my soul.

I carry this mindset with me in every season, but especially in the colder months. Most people dread the winter and I embrace it. I find it an excuse to be indoors with a hot cup of tea, relaxing by the fire, with a good book in hand, or in this case a keypad. There is not as much responsibility to be out and about with people or scheduling activities that fill up the calendar in spring and summer, but instead a sense of being. Sitting quietly in solitude is always something I’m happy to do. I find it a gift.

Solitude and simplicity are words I have come to embrace wholeheartedly in the last year. I have taken the time to see beauty in simplicity, to marvel at the precious gifts of everyday life, and celebrate these quiet, unexpected moments in all their wonder.

This lifestyle requires living in the present moment. Not waiting. We spend too much time waiting for the next great thing and we miss what is truly important. Life’s seemingly routine or mundane moments are often where we find joy, beauty, and grace.

I have taken quite a bit of time off from blogging and social media. I realized in all of my ambitious endeavors I was operating in a state of busyness wherein perfectionism, divineness, and performance was drowning out that still, small voice calling to me and so I slowed down and began to pay attention.

I invite you to discover joy in the daily, routine moments and in simple pleasures which are birthed in an atmosphere of rest and solitude, all of which have been transformative in my own life. Let us stop the glorification of busy. Busyness is often a manifestation of fear. Resting is not necessarily idleness, wasted time, or a sign of laziness as people frequently perceive it. Positioning yourself in a place of rest, both mentally and physically, makes room for your soul to breathe, your thoughts to wander, and your heart to show up. What you find there will amaze you.

Cheers to this New Year and to celebrating the gifts, surprises, and adventures that each day brings!